Wedding Videography
From pre-ceremony preparations to multi-camera ceremony coverage to the excitement of the reception, we have a wedding video package that meets your exact needs.

Photo Montage
A photo montage is one of the most popular video options. Pictures of the bride and groom from childhood to the present day set to music of your choice creates a great story celebrating your lives.

Love Story
How did you meet? When did you know this person was the one? What was the proposal like? You tell your own engagement story in this video option. Popular for showing at rehearsal dinners or at your reception, a Love Story completes your video in a fun and moving way and can be shot on location at a place that is special for the both of you.

It’s here! DVD is an exciting option for viewing your videos. Great picture and sound quality and a long lifespan make DVD a very popular video choice.

Special Request
Brides today have dreams that they wish to have captured for a lifetime. Whether it is a rehearsal party, voice overs of the bride, groom or special family members, or capturing special family moments, we can work with you. If your wedding will take place far from home, we are willing to travel to your special location. Just let us know of your dreams and we will help you capture them for a lifetime: All of the motions, all of the sounds, all of the colors and of course, all of the emotions.

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